Wild Postings

How does a university advertise the cross-disciplinary approach that so many of its students pursue? By asking questions. This series of eight 4' x 6' posters was created for The New School’s “Force of New” campaign. The wild postings were installed throughout Manhattan and a micro website, animated ads, environmental graphics, and commercial products were also created around this visual system.

Both the wild postings and web ads were intended to stand out against the usual visual landscape, playing off the traditional form of wheat-paste posters. In the case of the web ads, an unusual typographic approach drove over four times the usual amount of traffic to the university site than had been expected.

Two posters that say "Can urban farmers grow into Fulbright scholars?" and "Can opera find a home in a Brooklyn loft?"
Two posters that say "Can data be empathetic?" and "Can tagging save lives?"
The posters were installed in eight sections and always as a pair ot have maximal effect. The shifts in scale and position of the letterforms allowed the posters to still look good, even if the installation was misaligned.
new school wild posting in situ

new school wild posting

Digital ads extended the visual language of the posters and allowed for animation. The link took the viewer to a microsite that told the story about the student the questions were based upon.