Catapult Opera

“New York’s number two opera company,” Catapult Opera is cultivating a new generation of opera enthusiasts by producing original and under-appreciated productions that push the limits of the genre. But their website and identity wasn’t showing their level of expertise. To help set the company reach out to old and new audiences in the short and long term, we created a new identity launches the opera company properly and provides a modern look that helps redefine the art form. Photography breaks boundaries within a visual framework that emphasizes movement and is responsive to each production while still creating a recognizable look and feel. The end result is a system that can be easily maintained hits both the low and high notes.

Created at Thinkso

Stemming from the idea of Catapult Opera launching the next generation of opera, we created a recognizable arc that would be responsive to each production and various types of content. This motif was then paired with a dynamic type treatment of forward- and back-slanted typography that reinforces the kinetic nature of the logotype and provided a distinctive headline style.
In addition to redrawing the static logo to make it stand out, we created an animated logomark for a little more bounce in digital communications.
Social media assets and showcards for Catapult’s website helped promote Swann, a beautifully produced operatic short film commissioned by the company.