Metropolitan Opera

How does the largest opera house in the world maintain its prestige, excellence, and draw? By appealing to both seasoned opera lovers and first-time audiences.

Cover of Metropolitan Opera newspaper showing a variety of productions
A spread from the recruitment piece for Met Opera showing a man on stage with the William Kentridge set design
Julianne Moore in a wig shop next to an interview with her
To attract younger, new audiences to the opera house, we created a highly-visual broadside that provided new access points for understanding the importance of opera. Celebrities like Julianne Moore and Patti Smith were interviewed along with some of the greatest artists of the canon. The broadsides were distributed at art galleries, music venues, and other non-opera specific venues.
A flip-through of the print recruitment piece
To complement the print piece, I designed a companion microsite. Video interviews, photo galleries, and the ability to listen to some of the Met’s rising stars made for a rich experience. The modular nature of the site made it easy to upload new content as the season progressed.
A subway ad showing Sondra Radvanovsky singing
To announce the launch of the fall season, large posters were plastered throughout New York. Depicted without traditional wigs and costumes, the ads emphasized the voice of some of the years greatest artists.